Jacqueline Olds – Harnessing the Power of Bright Light

An Interview with Jacqueline Olds, M.D., Co-Founder of SunSprite and Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School How did your interests in solar energy, health, and technology come together? We actually got interested in bright light and health because bright light can be used as a treatment for depression […]

Gary Strumolo – Engineering for a New Generation

An interview with Gary Strumolo, Manager of Vehicle Design and Technologies at Ford Motor Company In the past 50 years, which engineering advances have most advanced driver health and wellness? Are there specific innovations that have inspired you as an engineer? Technologies that have enabled measurements to be made on […]

Robert Doornick – Robots and Human Psychology

An interview with Robert Doornick, Founder and President of International Robotics, Inc. Mr. Doornick, could you be so kind to tell us about your background in developing robots and how you decided to get involved in the technology industry? My parents owned several highly successful nightclubs in Paris in the […]

Miaoqi Zhu – Mixing Computers and Social Science in Hollywood

Interview with Miaoqi Zhu, a Computer & Social Scientist working in Hollywood How are psychology, computer science, and data analysis related? In the past ~40 years, since the early days in computing, there have been a number of attempts at bringing those fields together. The field of cognitive science and […]

Andy Walshe Interview – Redbull High Performance

Interview with Andy Walshe at Redbull High Performance: Hacking Extreme Creativity What is a sport? The answer to that question used to be clear for Americans: Football, baseball, and basketball. But today the definition of sports is less clear. People are watching professional players play games like League of Legends. […]